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JMS Life Insurance Services is focused on helping families through providing customized personal insurance planning. Our insurance consultants are affiliated with different insurance companies which allows a freedom of choice. In short, we work for you not for the insurance companies.

 We will create a personalized life & health insurance plans for you. Don't wait to insure your family. Call us now to schedule your complimentary personal insurance analysis.

Life Insurance
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We JMS Life Insurance Services understand that your family is the biggest reason you sacrifice. Show them you love them by getting the proper protection. A life insurance will allow your family to maintain their lifestyle and move on without the financial burdens. Each family have different insurance needs.There are many types of life insurance.  Some are permanent insurance with cash value, others are temporary insurance. Know your life insurance options. Call us today at 630-635-6256

Is credit card debt keeping you up at night? Do you feel that you are financially strapped? You are not alone. We at JMS Life Insurance Services provide a basic financial education at no cost through our partners programs. Think of it as a map to your financial freedom. We do not only cater to your insurance needs, we also look out for your financial independence. Call us at 630-635-6256


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