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Making Life Easier

JMS Life Insurance Services is focused on helping families through providing customized personal insurance planning. Our insurance consultants are affiliated with different insurance companies which allows a freedom of choice. In short, we work for you not for the insurance companies. We will create a personalized life & health insurance plans for you. Don't wait to insure your family! Call us now to schedule your complimentary personal insurance analysis.

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There are many types of life insurances you may qualify for. Whatever age or marital status, you never know what life will throw at you. We can see which best fits you.

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Health insurance can be confusing at times. Do I want a low deductible, or should I go for a high deductible? Which one can cover all my needs? Let us find out for you.

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Finding it difficult to balance your finances? Wanting to go back to college? We can help. Sign up for one of our educational classes. We can help you develop a college plan or best financial practices.

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